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In the last 6 months we've consulted with vets and behaviour vets and they all feel that Newman doesn't need any medication at this time. He behaves much better without it. His guarding episodes can be scary, he gets very intense but the good new is in the past 3 month he's only had 2 small episodes that were over as quickly as they began! We believe the more trust he builds with his person the less likely he will be to have these intense episodes.
July 6, 2023 UPDATE
Who remembers our beautiful blue eyed frenchie x boston mix, Newman?
Sadly, 20 month old Newman finds himself looking for a new home.
Newman was adopted last December to a busy family with lots of dog experience. Soon after he was adopted Newman started to become obsessed with lights, reflections and shadows, to the point that he was said to get quite anxious and had to be removed from the area. We haven't seen much of this behaviour in the last 6 months even though we took him off the medication his adopters had put him on for it. Since stopping the fluoxetine they had Newman on we have found him to be much less intense, less resource guarding and more playful. He can be very alert and reactive on leash unless he is walked in a country or isolated area where he doesn't have to worry about meeting other dogs. We knew that about him and so did his adopter. They were prepared to work with him and hired a trainer. Unfortunately when he started resource guarding. (usually around food or areas where food is kept or prepared, but sometimes it is random objects.) his adopters felt that a home with children is not the best fit for Newman.
Granted, Newman is at that age where they tend to test boundaries and take the lead if they think they can, but resource guarding is something his new family will have to be prepared to work on or accept that it's something they will always have to manage. IE crating Newman when it's meal or snack time.
Here is what the trainer feels Newman needs from his new family:
A family committed to meeting his needs with enrichment and decompression exercise - high-energy games of fetch or running around at high speeds are NOT helpful for him because his adrenaline shoots up and then he may struggle to self-regulate. So he needs that quality exercise where he can be given freedom of movement (off leash in safe areas ideal, or walked on a long line) for long decompression walks so he can sniff to his heart's content. 
Committed to positive reinforcement methods
Able to seek out qualified training as needed
No children or cats/rabbits/small animals in the home.
Able to manage his environment such that his guarding is not triggered or provoked (foster mom has found this to be quite easy because he only gets a little intense occasionally but is easily redirected.)
He will need continuous training/ behaviour modification and management probably for the rest of his life by choosing to simply not put him in situations where guarding or reactivity could surface. (6 months back in foster care we have found that simply having him go to his bed or just out of the room when the family eats has been 100% effective for the resource guarding)
On the bright side Newman's qualities are many! When he is in a calm environment and has had adequate time to roam around outside, he is very relaxed and will lounge around on his bed or the couch. He loves to be near his people all the time and will always try to lay in your lap if you’re sitting down. He’s very sensitive to energy and will immediately seek to comfort you if you’re upset or having a bad day. He’s very smart and loves doing treat puzzles and recall exercises. He loves car rides and does very well on long drives. He loves attention and will do anything to get it, including stealing shoes and showing you he has them! He absolutely loves belly rubs and will roll over to let you know he’d like to be pet. He’s great about getting his nails trimmed, rolls cleaned and feet wiped. He’s a sweet boy who needs a low stimulation environment and someone who can provide him with a ton of one-on-one time for connection and decompression. Newman is slightly more energetic than a typical couch potato but much less energetic than an active Boston Terrier. 
We know his person is out there!
Weight: 26lbs
Age: 20 months old Birth date: 15 January 2022
Neutered/spayed: Yes
Up to date on Vaccines: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Health concerns: Mild seasonal allergies
Behaviour concerns: OCD with reflections and lights, leash reactivity & potential to resource guard
Home: A fully fenced yard ideally in the country or quiet area
Kids ok? NO
Dogs ok? A non-confrontational well trained dog.
Cats ok? NO
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: needs work
Adoption fee: $750
We do allow out of town/province adoptions (within Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pick the dog up. We do not ship dogs. Currently near Cornwall, Ontario.
Please note that the above criteria is carefully considered and submitted by the people who know the dog the best, his foster family. This criteria is not negotiable. Only apply if you meet ALL the criteria.
The adoption application is you introducing yourself and while we don't expect you to write a novel, applications with one word answers to every question don't give us anything to go on and usually aren't considered. Thank you.
Adoption application:
Thank you to all who apply but only those who are being considered will be contacted. Please don't message us to ask where we are in the process.
Please note that we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient. this process can take several weeks.
Please be aware that we check vet references and do a home visit before finalizing any adoption.