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We know Lily isn't 'technically' ready for adoption and won't be until her post spay check up sometime at the end of April but because we are looking for such a special person/family for our super special girl we thought we'd start looking now.
This 20 month old gorgeous girl has truly blossomed under her foster mom's amazing care! Here's what she has to say about this beautiful girl:
This little gal is no joke in the snuggle and kisses department. Lily is a sweet, smart, fun-loving young dog that has so much kindness in her heart. In just a few months in foster care, she has become more confident and composed and really taking in all there is to know about being a dog. One moment she will be wrestling with her foster brother and the next minute she will be jumping in your arms for a snuggle. Each passing day brings on a little more of her beauty and love of life.
She is very puppy-like and requires patience when exposed to new things. She enjoys walks, but will still need help learning about the great outdoors. She has a ton of energy and drive, so an active family or individual will best suit her needs and personality. She likes to play, run, chase and play tug-of-war. She at times does not have an “off-switch” so she will need to be re-directed by using a hand command for “time-out” to back down and take a break. She is very smart and eager to please. She would benefit from continued training and possibly attending a few obedience classes. She relies on her eyes and nose a lot, she could do really well in a scent-detection course. She would be their best student!
Lily would have no issues being the only dog in the home she adores people, if she does have a canine sibling, the dog would need to be just as active and tolerant of puppy personality.
She is still learning dog language and at times doesn’t read a dog telling her to back-off. She is more likely to be bossy or reactive towards a submissive dog.
Lily does resource guarding. She is selective with some items, locations, and towards a more submissive dog. She has not shown any aggression towards people, even when startled. She’s okay with you taking her food bowl away, but when she is munching/chewing on a high-value bone or treat it’s best she is left alone. We have been working on “trading/sharing” treats for another. She is learning that we are not going to take things away. If there is another dog or pet in the home, I recommend she eat in another room or in her crate. Learning to share is something she will need to continue to work on.
Lily is completely trained in:
Potty trained
Leash trained
Crate trained
Hand signals - come, sit, stay, watch me, no, wait, time-out, eat, sleep, go-potty, walk, drink water, directions left and right, shh, good girl (thumbs-up)
Living with a Deaf Dog:
As her foster, I have learned that training a deaf dog is really no different than training a dog that can hear. The only difference is when the dog is outside or in the house and out of sight that you can’t call them. Deaf dogs rely on their sight and like dogs who can hear they do pick up on your body language, facial expressions, and routines/rituals. They know when it’s time to eat when you’re displeased or really happy. The one thing I focused on and made a conscious effort with Lily when it came to training especially her first few weeks with me...was to have a happy facial expression on my face. It made a huge difference I believe on how quickly she picked up on my cues and hand signals. Eye contact is also something that you need to establish early on….using “watch-me” rewarding as much as possible with the “thumbs-up” (good dog). I recommend if Lily’s potential adopter has not had previous experience with owning a deaf dog, order the book “A DEAF DOG JOINS THE FAMILY” from Amazon. It’s an amazing resource. It will definitely aid in a smooth transition for everyone.
Walks, hikes, car rides (keep her crated)
Wrestling with her foster brothers
Chew and tug toys
Looking out the window
Sunny spots
Wearing dog apparel
Dress up
Tea parties
Kisses and cuddles
Nail trims (tolerates but wiggly)
Ears being touched
Other dogs near her bully sticks
Dog beds in her crate
We are looking for an engaged and experienced dog family who will not only keep Lily safe and secure but who will keep her active and engaged. She is eager to explore, play and learn and will need someone willing to let her do that while keeping her safe and continuing to build her confidence.
Other than being hearing impaired Lily is a healthy 25 lbs girl who is up to date on vaccines, micro-chipped and will be spayed in April. She currently eats Zignature Duck and is doing amazingly well on that food.
Lily can be left alone for a few hours a day but she can be heard talking to herself sometimes so we are looking for a detached home with a fenced in yard.
Cats: Lily has NOT been tested with cats,
Other dogs: she does great with playful and tolerant male dogs but would be fine as an only dog.
Children: Mindful and respectful children over 12
Adoption fee: $750
One of the reasons Lily was surrendered to us was because she didn't seem happy when another female dog was introduced into the home so we probably won't be placing her in a home with another female dog though a larger breed female may be ok depending on her character. Message us to discuss.

Lily is being fostered in Ottawa, Ontario. We do allow out of town/province adoptions (with-in Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pick the dog up. We do not ship dogs.
There is a $10 non-refundable application fee. This fee is considered a donation and helps offset the costs associated with caring for the dogs in our care. However, if you have applied to adopt from us in the last 12 months there is no need to reapply or pay another application fee as long as your circumstances haven't changed. You can send us an email stating the name of the dog you previously applied for and tell us in your email why you think Lily is a good fit for your family. Please email ONLY if you recently applied for another dog and want to apply for Lily.
Adoption application:
Link Removed, no longer accepting applications
We appreciate everyone who applies but only those being considered will be contacted. Thank you!