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It didn't take long to see how absolutely perfect sweet Ollie is!
Please note that Ollie is a low energy dog but he is not calm. He suffers from anxiety, probably due to a lack of exposure to new sounds, sights and people as a puppy. He is definitely less anxious when he is hanging out with another well balanced and calm dog.
This is what foster mom has to say about this little chunk:
"This dog is literally perfect. The only thing he reacts to is when he is surprised. He doesn’t love people with masks on it seems. Or if he wasn’t expecting someone to come around a corner he will bark. But as soon as they talk or acknowledge him he relaxes.
He is wonderful on a leash. We have walked past other dogs, people, included men working on a building, he walked by without a care. Even a stroller coming our way, he just moved to the other side of me. No fuss at all.
He doesn’t mind the car either. He likes to look out the window or lay down after a bit. He’s pretty much in the car at least once daily.
He does not mind other dogs at all. He will try to nip at other dogs if they try to sit on his human's lap when he is close by, but a firm “Ollie No!” He disengages and will go to lie down on his own.
He eats next to his foster fur sibling without worry. Shares toys and treats no problem. Very polite. He will even share his bed with Diesel. I think he really really likes having a buddy.
He is 100% a woman’s dog. If he could be by my side and no one else ever again he would prefer that LOL
If we start rough housing (to see how he reacts). He will start barking at foster dad, but listens well when told No.
If I’m on the couch and no longer want him on my lap he will respond to “Go to bed or Go away” and stay in his new spot.
Ollie is the most wonderful boy. He is so stinking smart!!! TOO smart. He learns every day.
He used to jump up and down from the truck. He’s learned to wait to be lifted now. And that took no time at all. He used to charge out the door. After being made to wait 2-3 times he waits now.
All this dog needs is someone who has time for him and good calm energy.
Ollie loves having people around all day but he no longer feels the need to be glued to us. We left him for an hour the other day with the dog cam on. The two of them hung out on the couch while we were gone. He LOVES my mom’s farm and running around the huge yard. He would be in heaven in the country. He’s the most wonderful dog!"
We see no reason that we can't find this wonderful boy his forever home as soon as possible! Ollie would love to live with a calm and confident female or quiet couple who have bulldog experience! Ollie would do best as a country boy or at least live in a quiet neighborhood. He is not well suited for a home with childred as they tend to stress him out. He wants all the attention for himself! He would also love to have another dog in the home! A laid back low energy dog who enjoys to play and run around the yard but who also likes to snuggle up and nap the day away!
Weight: 35.lbs
Age: 7 years old in June
Neutered/spayed: yes
Up to date on Vaccines: yes
Microchipped: yes
Health concerns: Prone to anxiety, mimics owner’s energy. Needs calm and confident person. Prior bulldog experience required.
House with fully fenced yard preferably in the country or quiet neighbourhood
Kids ok? NO
Dogs ok? Low energy laid back dog
Cats ok? Yes
Crate Trained: not recommended
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $850
We do allow out of town/province adoptions (with-in Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pick the dog up. We do not ship dogs. Currently being fostered in London, Ontario
Only apply if you meet ALL the criteria. Thank you.
Adoption application:
Link removed, no longer accepting applications
You should see a confirmation page that says your submission has been received.
Thank you to all who apply but only those who are being considered will be contacted.
Please note that we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient this process can take several weeks.
Please be aware that we check vet references and do a home visit before finalizing any adoption.