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Update: June 2, 2022
Luigi loves his Luigi stuffy!
Luigi is feeling great! He is playful and energetic these days! We are still raising the $10,000 needed for his surgery. This surgery is very complicated and we don't know what the outcome will be so it makes it an even harder decision than usual! The best we can hope for realistically is that the surgery helps prevent Luigi from getting worse as he gets older but it is possible that this surgery can make him worse than he already is. There is also a slight possibility that his mobility improves somewhat too! We will be discussing all of this with his team of doctors before any final decision is made!
If you’d like to make a donation toward Luigi’s care you can donate directly on our website:
Or by paypal or etransfer to
9 month old Luigi is being cared for in Guelph, ON and is not yet available for adoption.





January 31, 2022, Welcome Luigi!

This poor little guy is only 23 weeks old and he seems to have some significant neck pain, but he is also unable to walk properly and is showing weakness in all four legs. At the very minimum he needs an MRI to determine what is going on with his spine/central nervous system. We are looking at a bill from anywhere between $4000 and $6000 just to figure out what is wrong!

Luigi is another victim of unscrupulous importers. Please do your homework before purchasing a French bulldog! If their website is full of “fad“ colours like merle, run away! If they can give you a dog tomorrow or next week or even next month run away! Don’t give them your money, in the end it’s these puppies who pay the price!

We desperately need to get this little man an MRI and hopefully bring him some relief! No amount is too small!
You can donate directly on our web page
Or by paypal or etransfer at

We also need items for our auction, if you have anything to donate please send us a message!

Luigi is currently being fostered in Guelph, ON.

Thank you!