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Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue

Supporting education, welfare and French Bulldog Rescue in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces of Canada since 2009.

For the love of Frenchies please do your homework before buying a French Bulldog. DO NOT buy from any breeder who will not let you visit the premises or meet the parents of the puppy they are trying to sell you! If they want to meet you in the parking lot somewhere, RUN away. Do not fall for the 'rare' colour gimmick either.  Please consider rescuing a derserving French Bulldog. Rescue does not mean broken, it means the dog has been let down by humans.

Welcome to Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue. Our main goal is to find the best possible home according to each dog's individual needs. We also want to provide as much information and support as we can to protect this wonderful, loving, comical and stubborn breed. Sometimes, in spite of the best intentions and trying everything possible, some dogs are just in the wrong environment to thrive. Sometimes life throws unexpected curves your way. We understand. We are not here to judge you if you need to re-home your French Bulldog, we are here to help. Our promise to each dog, is that we will do our best to find them a loving, safe and appropriate home. We interview, check references and do a home visit before approving any adoption. All our dogs are spayed/neutered (unless medical issues prevent this), vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption. 

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