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Minnie-Pearl is pretty much perfect! Sweet with EVERYONE, including the children in her foster home. She LOVES all toys! Listens very well to several commands in French and has done her business outside like a good girl! She has lots of energy and is excitable but is well mannered. 

This adorable tiny little girl was abandoned at a Montreal shelter due to an ‘undiagnosed neurological issue’.
Thankfully the shelter reached out to us and we were able to pick her up and get her into foster care immediately!

Pearl was immediately examined by a neurologist upon arriving in rescue and she spent her first 2 months in foster care on crate rest and medication for back pain. She was having back spasms that her former owner mistakenly thought were seizures. Since being medically managed for back pain she has had no other episodes. She does have a bit of wobbly back end which the neurologist suspects is more her conformation than an injury. Her future family will need to keep her back issues in mind always. This means she can't be allowed to jump on and off of furniture nor can she go up and down stairs. Luckily she's a tiny girl at 18 lbs so she's easy to carry around! It's her preferred method of transportation anyway ;)  Minnie Pearl seems fine with other dogs but due to her back issues she will only be placed in a home as an only dog or with a low energy and calm dog to avoid any rough housing or frantic play that could further aggravate her back.  She has had her stenotic nares and soft palate done. She also had x-rays of her esophagus, chest, spine and hips as well as blood work! Her esophagus is fine the blood work was excellent! X-rays showed some abnormalities common for the breed but nothing surprising. Pearl may need a dental in the future, it should be noted that she was very difficult to intubate so a vet with lots of frenchie experience is recommended as is a good dental hygiene routine to possibly avoid a dental all together!

 Minnie Pearl will scratch at the door to let you know when she needs to go out. She loves car rides, snuggles and human food! She can be very picky with her dog food. After many rejected meals she finally likes canned prescription Hills I/D food. If you want to cook for her or offer her one of those fancy Tom Sawyer gently cooked meals we're pretty sure she will love you forever! She loves kids but again due to her back issues she will only be placed in a home with dog-savvy gentle kids who understand her limitations.


Weight: 18lbs
Age: Approximately 4 - 5 years old
Neutered/spayed: Yes
Up to date on Vaccines: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Health concerns: IVDD may periodically need medical management if she overdoes it. No jumping, no stairs, no rough play
Behaviour concerns: None
Home: Tiny girl will do well in a house or condo/apartment
Kids ok? Loves them but needs gentle kids who understand her limitations 
Dogs ok? Yes low energy and calm dog  
Cats ok? NO - she's not goo
d with cats
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes 
Leash Trained: Yes 
Adoption fee: $950
We do allow out of town/province adoptions (within Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pick the dog up. We do not ship dogs. Currently being fostered in Gatineau, Quebec.
Please note that the above criteria is carefully considered and submitted by the people who know the dog the best, her foster family. This criteria is not negotiable. Only apply if you meet ALL the criteria.
The adoption application is you introducing yourself and while we don't expect you to write a novel, applications with one word answers to every question don't give us anything to go on and usually aren't considered. Thank you.
If you applied within the last 6 months to adopt a dog from us you don't need to reapply but you do need to send us an email explaining why you think Pearl is a good fit for your family. Email ONLY if you applied for another dog in the last 6 months and you want to be considered for Pearl.
Adoption application:
Link removed, no longer accepting applications
Thank you to all who apply but only those who are being considered will be contacted. Please don't message us to ask where we are in the process. 
Please note that we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient. this process can take several weeks.
Please be aware that we check vet references and do a home visit before finalizing any adoption.
Before and after nares surgery