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  UPDATE- ADOPTED!                                                                                      



‘Becoming Wilson’ has been a fun, yet hair-raising experience for foster mom and canine foster brothers Logan and Buzz. Don’t let his sweet face fool you, behind those innocent eyes, is a feisty, goofball of a pup! He is all in when it comes to fun, adventures, and new experiences. Wilson is a high-energy, fun-loving boy who is looking for an experienced dog owner who can provide him with a structured environment that will meet both his physical and mental needs. Wilson is an ATHLETE. SMALL BUT MIGHTY at heart!. If you’re looking for a couch potato, just keep on scrolling, because Wilson uses all couches as spring boards. He will require obedience training and would be a great dog to enter into agility, detection, and maybe even dock diving! Heck, he would do all three and still have a little energy reserved for a wrestling match with a doggie friend. When he finally gets to the “off-switch”, usually he needs to be told to take a break, he loves to cuddle, sit on your lap and just hang out with the humans enjoying a little downtime.
CONFIDENCE/COMPOSURE - Wilson, is still a little shy when meeting strangers and may bark when he is unsure of noises, and or people. He is fearful of the vacuum, broom, mop and shovel, but loves the sprinkler, hose, and kiddie pool. Obedience classes would be a recommended support for him to help overcome some of his uncertainty.
HOUSE TRAINING/CRATE - He is fully house trained, loves his crate and will sleep in it at night without a peep. He is not a fan of being left alone for too long during the day and will bark when left alone or if he hears noises outside. It would be best that he lives in a home in the country or a single-family home. Wilson will ask to go out for potty.
KIDS - Older dog-savvy kids are recommended. He is much too energized and lacks a sense of respect for personal space for children under 12. He will jump and grab items and is mouthy when he wants something, which could cause injury to a younger child. He has not been tested around children, but teens with experience with dogs/ redirecting could be okay for him.
DOGS - Wilson LOVES his foster brothers, but can be pushy and wants to hump if he gets overstimulated or aroused. He has yet to master dog cues and will need to be monitored as he will not back off when a dog wants to end play or warns him that it’s time to stop. Wilson may be best in a home on his own or with another dog that is already well-trained, is tolerant and energetic enough to play but not excitable. No senior dogs.
CATS/SMALL ANIMALS - NO! Wilson has high prey drive, he will chase anything that moves.
HEALTH/GROOMING - he had signs of allergies when he first arrived, but since we made the switch to GO! solution Limited ingredient SALMON and limiting treat proteins his skin and the flare-ups have disappeared. He will need to be monitored as we do suspect some environmental allergies are present. We bathe him once a week in antifungal dog shampoo and brush him every other day.
Breed: 75% French bulldog 25% Boston Terrier ("Frenchton")
Weight: 28 lbs
Age: 9 months old
Neutered/spayed: yes
Up to date on Vaccines: yes
Microchipped: yes
Health concerns: Allergies. Well managed with diet and antifungal shampoo once a week.
Kids ok? 12 and older
Dogs ok? Yes, well trained, tolerant, energetic but balanced. No senior dogs
Cats ok? NO small pets - high prey drive
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $750
Currently being fostered in Ottawa, ON
We do allow out of town/province adoptions (with-in Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pi
ck the dog up. We do not ship dogs. During COVID we have some contacts who may be able to help transport but fees and arrangements are the responsibility of adopter and must be considered safe and appropriate by us.
There is a $10 non-refundable application fee. This fee is considered a donation and helps offset the costs associated with caring for the dogs. However, if you have applied to adopt from us in the last 12 months there is no need to reapply or pay another application fee as long as your circumstances haven't changed. IF YOU HAVE APPLIED IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS you can send us an email stating the name of the dog you previously applied for and tell us in your email why you think Wilson is a good fit for your family. Please email ONLY if you recently applied for another dog and want to apply for Wilson.
Adoption application:
Link Removed. No longer accepting application
Thank you to all who apply but only those who are deemed a good fit will be contacted.
Please note that we are a
ll volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient this process can take several weeks.
Please be aware that we check vet references and do a (virtual) home visit before finalizing any adoption.