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Penny came into rescuePenny before and after her operation.Penny before and after her operation. on August 2nd when her family surrendered her after she had been ill for about 2 months and they couldn’t afford to find out why. Turns out she had a foreign object that caused a partial obstruction. Our vets don’t know how she survived so long! Usually a partial obstruction will cause death within 3 weeks. Penny was in this state for at least 8 or 9 weeks! Penny had major surgery that resulted in the removal of about half of her intestines. She then had to be kept in intensive care for several days until her system started working again after being in starvation mode for so long. Penny’s medical bills were close to $15000.00! It says a lot about our community that we were able to save her life! Seeing her blossom since her surgery makes it worth every single ‘penny’.

Penny is now living happily ever after with her fur siblings on 5 acres and loving every minute of it! Happy life beautiful girl!