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UPDATE May 31, 2023 ADOPTED!

We are happy to say Coco has found her forever home!



Coco Chenil is looking for her forever home!

This 15 month old beauty is FULL of beans!
She was lovingly surrendered when her family realized a home with small children was not the right fit for Coco, even after extensive training! When they realized she was a completely different dog, relaxed, affectionate and much quieter, when the children weren’t home as opposed to nervous, nippy and vocal with the children, they made the incredibly tough choice to reach out to us for help.
Coco is no couch potato! If you were hoping for a lazy French bulldog, this is not your girl! She absolutely loves to snuggle and be close to her person but she also loves to be active! She struggles with over excitement, when she’s too excited by new people, places or dogs she forgets her manners. She is a sweet girl, she just needs help staying calm. We think she would do well with swimming (with a life jacket of course) or scent training to burn off some of that energy.
She’s a big girl at 29 pounds, not fat just tall.
Coco had her wellness exam and was found to be healthy! No skin or ear issues! She does have a luxating patella that will need to be monitored but other than that she is in great shape!
We are looking for an active home with no children, no cats,  no other dogs.  Coco does initially react to cars, bikes, dogs and noises on her walks so a quiet neighborhood would be ideal for her. That said she has improved immensely since arriving.  A fenced in yard would be great for this active girl. Coco is extremely sweet but she needs an experienced and engaged family who are committed to continuing her training and providing daily exercise! 

Coco is house trained, leash trained (but does pull and is VERY strong), crate trained, up to date on vaccines and spayed. She currently eats Go! Solutions Digestion Gut Health Salmon & Ancient Grains. 

Coco has no notion of personal space with both humans and dogs so she will rely on you to teach her how to calmly greet new people and dogs. She would definitely benefit from some professional obedience training.


Weight: 29lbs
Age: 15 months (birthdate 01/11/22)
Neutered/spayed: Yes
Up to date on Vaccines: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Health concerns: Luxating patella left knee to be monitored
Behaviour concerns: Hyper, high energy, excitable
Home: Best suited for a quiet/rural single family home with fenced yard but could live in a condo in a quiet area too.
Kids ok? No 
Dogs ok? No
Cats ok? No
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes (PULLS )
Adoption fee: $950
We do allow out of town/province adoptions (within Eastern Canada and some eastern US states) as long as you are able to pick the dog up. We do not ship dogs. Currently being fostered near London, Ontario.
Please note that the above criteria is carefully considered and submitted by the people who know the dog the best, her foster family. This criteria is not negotiable. Only apply if you meet ALL the criteria.
The adoption application is you introducing yourself and while we don't expect you to write a novel, applications with one word answers to every question don't give us much to go on. Thank you.
If you applied within the last 12 months to adopt a dog from us you don't need to reapply but you do need to send us an email explaining why you think Coco is a good fit for your family. Email ONLY if you applied for another dog in the last 12 months and you want to be considered for Coco.
Adoption application:
Thank you to all who apply but only those who are being considered will be contacted. Please don't message us to ask where we are in the process.
Please note that we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient. this process can take several weeks.
Please be aware that we check vet references and do a home visit before finalizing any adoption.
May 17 update: 
This girl! 
She may take a little more time and effort than some dogs but whoever adopts her will be paid back in spades for their dedication!

Here’s what foster mom has to say:

It’s been 5 weeks with Coco.

She is not the dog she once was. What arrived was an anxious, timid, uncertain little girl with a lot of bound up energy.

Within a week she was learning countless commands and went from relentlessly pulling on a leash to learning boundaries and respect.

3 weeks in, she went to her first in public visit with a range of new friends to meet of all ages from 13 years old and up. She did great! Even took guidance from a complete stranger and eager to meet every single person in her path. The only time she made a fuss was if someone ignored her.

5 weeks….If you were to show me a video of 5 weeks ago I would tell you there is no way it’s the same dog.

Coco has become Miss Confident. She still wants to run up and meet people. She still wants to anxiously see and sniff every new thing in her path but that’s exactly what she wants to do. She is excited to meet everyone and everything! We still need to advise people how to handle her excitement so that we continue working on her boundaries. But overall she is learning so fast.

This is a dog that learns quickly and is eager to please. She wants to do the right thing and will keep giving different answers until she is rewarded for doing the right one. She remembers when she is rewarded!! Every walk starts out being reminded of her boundaries but it takes less and less time and fewer reminders on every walk. She can go to public spaces now and once she settles into her environment she is happy to lay in the grass and sit with her people.

Coco is still anxious when meeting other dogs and when they cross her path.

I am incredibly impressed with this dog’s transformation. Her expression, the way she acts, her mentality has changed. She is still very much a puppy and has puppy brain moments but that’s absolutely okay.