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PLEASE NOTE: There are no French bulldog puppies in rescue unless they are very ill. People don’t usually surrender their healthy French Bulldog puppies to rescue.

We are seeing some of the same questions over and over so we thought we’d address some of them here.

Q) Do your foster families get first dibs on the dogs that go up for adoption?
A) Usually we ask that our foster homes foster more than once for us before adopting a dog they are fostering. We do this so people don’t just volunteer for a quicker way to adopt. There are always exceptions and if it is in the dog’s best interest to not be moved again we will do what is best for the dog.

Even if the foster family qualify to adopt we still ask them to go through the applications in case there is an applicant who can offer the dog something more than they can. Our foster families are as committed as we are to find the best possible match for each dog.

Q) Do you choose adoptive homes on a first come first served basis?
A) Nope. We choose our adoptive family based on what is best for the dog in question. It doesn’t matter if you get your application in first or last.

Q) How long does the adoption process take once an application is submitted?

A) We are all volunteers with jobs and families as well as our own dogs so please be patient! We usually accept applications during a 2 week period. After that period the applications are reviewed and the applicants who seem to fit the dog’s needs most closely are contacted. Then we do the reference checks and a home visit. Expect the whole process to take at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Q) Why don’t you keep my application on file and match me with the right dog?
A) We are a small rescue and we just don’t have the resources to keep applications to provide a matching service at the moment.

Q) I don’t care if the dog isn’t sterilized, I will take them as is, can’t I just adopt now instead of waiting?
A) While occasionally we do have to place unaltered dogs due to health concerns, we usually won’t place a dog until they are sterilized.

Q) Why do you fundraise and/or ask for donations? Doesn’t the adoption fee cover what you spend on the dogs?
A) While sometimes we do get a dog that is already sterilized and has no major medical issues, those are the exceptions! At the very least, the dogs almost all come in not sterilized and then there are the Coopers (medical bill $3700), Pennys (medical bill $13300) and Milos (medical bill $14200)! Their adoption fees don’t come anywhere close to covering their bills.

Q) How much is the adoption fee?
A) $750 unless otherwise stated.

Q) Do you do out of province/country adoptions?
A) We do. As long as you are willing to pick up the dog in person. We do not ship dogs.

Q) Where are you located?
A) we don’t have a physical shelter. We are a network of foster homes across eastern Canada.

Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do this without you or without our amazing volunteers!

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