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Bruno is approximately 5 years old. The first few years of his life appear to have been spent in a backyard shed as a breeder boy. Remarkably Bruno hasn’t let tha
t ruin his loving and sweet personality. He is the stickiest of velcro dogs and wants to be with his people ALL. THE. TIME. If that doesn’t fit your lifestyle do not apply for this guy.

Bruno is king of couch potatoes! He loves nothing more than snuggling on the couch next to (and on top of) you while you work from home or watch tv. He enjoys a few leisurely walks a day but is not overly active, probably because he’s never been able to breath that well. He is silly and playful and quiet! Not a barker so would do fine in a condo or a house.

Bruno loves everyone he meets! He is great with men, women and gentle enough for respectful children. He is great with other dogs too! He likes cats but because of the risk of trauma to his remaining eye due to a cat claw, preference will be given to a house with no cats.

He is house trained and walks well on a leash. Not surprisingly, he has slightly itchy paws and an itchy chin. He is currently eating a cooked meatloaf from BCR that he loves and it has already improved his coat significantly!

Weight: 34 lbs
Age: 5 years old
Neutered: yes
Up to date on Vaccines: will be
Microchipped: yes
Health concerns: left eye removed due to ruptured ulcer, right eye congenital defect (white scar on eye) 60% vision, good tear production and normal pressure. Will require annual check by ophthalmologist ($400-$500 additional annual cost besides regular vet care). Bruno also had long palate surgery which has improved his breathing immensely but he will never be a great breather. His new family will have to ensure he doesn’t over exert himself or over heat! Ac is a must for Bruno. He also can’t tolerate anything around his neck so no collars. If snoring bothers you, this is not the guy for you! Bruno does better with 3 small meals a day. If he eats too much in one sitting he will regurgitate. It is best if you can feed him slowly because he tends to gulp in too much food (and air) when left to his own devices and will regurgitate then also.

Kids ok? Yes respectful kids
Dogs ok? Yes
Cats ok? No
Adoption fee: $650
Currently being fostered near Cornwall, Ontario

Adoption application: no longer accepting applications

You will get an on screen confirmation that your application was submitted. Please don’t send us a message asking us if we received your application.

Thank you to all who apply but only those who are deemed a good fit will be contacted. Please note that we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and our own dogs so please be patient this process can take several weeks.

Please be aware that we check vet references and do a home visit before finalizing any adoption.

We do adopt out of province as long as we can find a volunteer we trust in your area to do the home visit for us and you must pick the dog up in person as we do not ship dogs