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Soon to be 2 years old, Miss Penny Will find out on November 2 if she is strong enough to be spayed!

Penny came into rescuePenny before and after her operation.Penny before and after her operation. on August 2nd when her family surrendered her after she had been ill for about 2 months and they couldn’t afford to find out why. Turns out she had a foreign object that caused a partial obstruction. Our vets don’t know how she survived so long! Usually a partial obstruction will cause death within 3 weeks. Penny was in this state for at least 8 or 9 weeks! Penny had major surgery that resulted in the removal of about half of her intestines. She then had to be kept in intensive care for several days until her system started working again after being in starvation mode for so long. So far Penny’s medical bills have surpassed $13000.00 and she isn’t spayed yet! Seeing her blossom since her surgery makes it worth every single ‘penny’.

Sometimes slow introductions are necessary but done correctly, Penny will do well in a home with another playful pup, she loves to play and does get bored easily so she’d probably love a partner in crime! We have not seen her with cats but she has a strong desire to chase squirrels, chipmunks, frogs and butterflies! She wants to chase cars too

Penny has a tendency of chewing things she is not supposed to and because they have removed half of her intestines her family MUST be vigilant about not giving her the opportunity EVER to eat anything she is not supposed to. Though she is great with kids, we will be hesitant to place her with young children due to the greater risk of children leaving small toys laying around. Another foreign object will kill her. Penny is a power chewer and will probably break her teeth on antlers, bones, etc. She loves to chew but if it’s not edible and gentle on her stomach she shouldn’t have it. Foster mom is trying some hard chews made from vegetables, she will let us know how Penny does with them. Crating her when she can’t be supervised is a MUST. She is crate trained, walks well on a leash (except for the whole car chasing thing) and is house trained.

Penny is being fostered near the Ontario/Quebec border.
Adoption fee: $650
We are not yet accepting applications and will only do so once she is spayed. Penny will always have to remain on an easy to digest diet. She currently eats a combination of canned high energy GI and Zignature lamb formula. This has cut her 220$ a month food bill almost in half! Still a cost to keep in mind when deciding to apply or not