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March 23, 2023
Coco Chenil is only 14 months old and FULL of beans!
This healthy girl was lovingly surrendered when her family realized a home with small children was not the right fit for Coco, even after extensive training! When they realized she was a completely different dog, relaxed, affectionate and quiet, when the children weren’t home as opposed to nervous, nippy and vocal with the children, they made the incredibly tough choice to reach out to us for help.
We are still getting to know this gorgeous girl, but what we do know is, she is no couch potato! If you were hoping for a lazy French bulldog, this is not your girl! She loves to train! she already knows the verbal and visual cues for Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Down, Middle, Heel, Come, Paw, High Five, Off, Drop It, Leave It, Watch Me, Bedtime. She struggles with over excitement, when she’s too excited by new people, places or dogs she forgets her manners. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her, she just needs help staying calm. We think she would do well in agility or scent training. She already does scent work every day to find her lunch, which is hidden all over the yard or house and she just loves finding it! She’s a big girl at 32 pounds, not fat just tall.
Coco’s vet visit is scheduled for the first week of April and then we will be looking for an active home with no children, no cats, preferably no other dogs or a very patient and tolerant energetic dog. She will need an experienced and engaged family who are committed to continuing her training.
If you’d like to help us with her care we’d be so grateful! You can donate directly on our website
Or by etransfer or paypal to
Please note that Coco is fostered near Barrie, Ontario and not yet available for adoption. We do not maintain a waiting list. Adoption applications are only available when a specific dog is ready for adoption.